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HELLO EVERYONE and WELCOME to my site. I'm Dave Mendonca and I live in the city of Modesto which is in the heart of the Central San Joaquin Valley of  California. Although this is my personal site, you will soon find that it's very oriented towards Tractor Pulling which is my hobby. I've been a member of  Valley  Tractor Pullers Association for many years and currently I publish a newsletter for the club which,  just naturally, leads me to this web publishing effort.

I built this site originally as an experiment to learn more about web construction so I could get started building (and maintaining) the Website for the tractor club. I'm happy to report that the club site, is a success. Shortly after I first put this little site together, maximum effort went into the VTPA site and this one was totally neglected. I've had a lot of fun maintaining our website and I'm becoming a better webmaster every month.

Many new friends have also contacted me through Daves-A-Puller and  I never thought there would be that much interest. Perhaps I was wrong so I guess I'll have to make some improvements here that are directly related to my own tractor.  Thanks for stopping by're pulling with Dave.




          January 28, 2003                                                                                               

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